JJ Dooley company logo saw being used to cut wood

Even with regular sharpening and maintenance all saw blades and cutters will eventually reach the end of their life. Using blunt or damaged blades could be dangerous, hard work and can greatly affect the finish. Come to JJ Dooley (Saw Sharpening & Sales) in Faversham for saw sales.

We can supply high quality industrial saw blades and cutters from leading manufacturers including Swedex, Stehle, Trend, Simonds International, as well as Titman Tip Tools, Atkinson Walker, Dakin Flathers and Ernest Bennett.

Our professional team will go out of their way to make sure that you get the right saw for the job.

- Wide bandsaws including stellite tipped

- Narrow bandsaws for wood and metal

- TCT Circular Saws

- Router cutters

- Routing jigs and accessories

- And much, much more!

Over the years we have established an excellent reputation and it is no surprise that many of our customers come to us following personal recommendations. We can also sharpen saw blades so you can prolong the life of your saws.

For details of our saw sales, call us now:

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Brand new saw blades

Leading brands

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Sharpen your existing saw blades

Saw blades for the timber industry, professional craftsmen and hobbyist

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